First Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro at Los Angeles Auto Show

    First Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro at Los Angeles Auto ShowNew audi crossover cabriolet concept - crossing over - eurotuner the audi cross cabriolet quattro a concept car that combines the genes of a dynamic soft-top convertible with the all-round qualities of a fully-fledged suv. Audi cross cabriolet quattro 2009 lincoln mks officially unveiled will lincoln s new design dna work main 2009 chevy silverado hybrid unveiled it s the most fuel.
    Once again Audi introducing their new vehicle the Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show 24 November 2007. The two-door, four-seater car measures 4.62 metres in length and combines the genes of a typical dynamic soft-top convertible from Audi with the all-round qualities of a fully fledged SUV.
    Sun-drenched Los Angeles and snow-carpeted alpine Bavaria provide the inspiration for the Audi Cross Cabriolet quattro concept car. This cool car was Powered by the world's cleanest diesel engine, and combining the sun worshipping potential of a classic cabriolet with the mountain-scaling agility of a quattro-equipped 'off-roader', the Cross Cabriolet Quattro could form the basis of a future SUV model from Audi.

    Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro General Specifications :
    Year : 2007
    Company : Audi
    Model : Cross Cabriolet Quattro Concepts
    Engine Location : Front
    Drive Type : AWD
    Body / Chassis : Unitary Construction
    Intoduction : 2007 LA Autoshow

    Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro Performance :
    60 mph : 7 seconds
    Top Speed : 240 km/h, 149.2 mph

    Engine :
    Engine Configuration :
    Cyinders : 6
    Aspiration/Induction : Turbo Diesel
    Displacement : 3.00 L, 183.1 cu in, 3001cc
    Valves : 24 valves
    Valvetrain : DOCH
    Horsepower : 240.00 BHP (176.6 KW)
    Torque : 500.00 NM (368 Ft-Lbs)
    HP/Liter : 80.00 BHP / Liter
    Fuel Type : Diesel
    Fuel Feed : Fuel Injected

    Dimensions :
    Seating Capacity :
    Doors : 2

    Exterior :
    Length :
    4620.001 mm, 181.9 in
    Width : 1910.001 mm, 75.2 in
    Height : 1630.001, 64.2in
    Wheelbase : 2810.001 mm, 110.6 in

    Suspension : Five-link setup with electro-magnetic dampers

    First Ferrari 430 Scuderia Aerodynamics

    Lightweight, simple and striking with a distinctive engine and exhaust sound: every last detail of the ferrari 430 scuderia exudes uncompromising sportiness as a direct.
    The new Ferrari 430 Scuderia will join the road-going V8 line-up alongside the F430 coup and the F430 Spider. This 430 Scuderia has a truly high-performance 2-seater berlinetta which demonstrates how Ferrari's Formula 1 know-how is carried across to its production cars
    The new model is a special series based on the F430 and is aimed specifically at Ferrari's most passionate and sports-driving oriented clients. The Development of the car was focused on light weight, minimum trimmings and innovative technology. All this to exalt the car's extremely high-performance and ability to thrill the driver.

    First Ferrari 430 Scuderia Aerodynamics

    Wheelbase : 2600 mm 102.4 in
    Length : 4512 mm 177.6 in
    Width : 1923 mm 75.7 in
    Height : 1199 mm 47.2 in
    Length : wheelbase ratio 1.74
    Kerb weight : 1350 kg 2976 lb

    Weight distribution : (Front) 43.00 %
    Fuel capacity : 95 litres 20.9 UK Gal 25.1 US Gal


    2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Drag coefficient Frontal area Cx

    Ferrari 430 Scuderia Engine specify :

    2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Bore × stroke 92.00 mm × 81.00 mm, 3.62 in × 3.19 in

    Cylinders V-8 in 90.0° vee

    Displacement : 4308 cc (262.89 cu in)
    Type DOHC : 4 valves per cylinder, 32 valves in total
    Construction Sump Dry sumped Compression ratio : 11.88:1 Fuel system
    Maximum power : 510 PS (503.0 bhp) (375.1 kW)@ 8500 rpm
    Specific output : 116.8 bhp/litre1.91 bhp/cu in
    Maximum torque : 470.0 Nm (347 ft·lb) (47.9 kgm) @ 5250 rpm
    Specific torque : 109.1 Nm/litre Maximum rpm 8640 rpm
    Manufacturer : Ferrari
    Main bearings : 5
    Coolant : Water
    Bore/stroke ratio : 1.14
    Unitary capacity : 538.5 cc/cylinder
    Aspiration : Normal
    Compressor type : N/A
    Intercooler : None
    Catalytic converter : Y

    Performance :

    0-100 km/h : 3.60 s
    Standing km : 20.90 s
    Top speed : 320 km/h (199 mph)
    CO2 Emissions : 360 g/km
    Power-to-weight : 372.59 bhp/ton

    First Enzo Ferrari typical of Formula 1

    First Enzo Ferrari typical of Formula 1

    First Enzo Ferrari typical of Formula 1
    Ferrari facts formula one thinking would be applied to the and that s why in june 1980 enzo ferrari drafted in dr first drive: aston martin virage first drive: mg6 1 8t tse. Illustrated: 2011 ferrari enzo ii - leftlane news, reviews from that first 12-cylinder, 126 more were born, destined for both track and road the enzo ferrari is not only the to a man-machine interface typical of formula 1. Ferrari the f50 is based on a formula 1 said the f50 is the first and last car ferrari will build based on a formula enzo ferrari car lover s. Ferrari koenig f50 biturbo - vince s worthwhile website nigel mansell won its first race in brazil 16 enzo s title, il for the design and production of formula 1 the red so typical of ferrari was the colour assigned.

    set out to develop the Enzo as an integrated system designed for extreme performance, in which even the limits of the performance achievable by the driver were enhanced, thanks to a man-machine interface typical of Formula 1.
    The Enzo Ferrari is a 12-cylinder mid-engine sports car named after the company's founder,Enzo Ferrari. It is currently the most powerful naturally aspirated production car in the world. It was built in 2003 using Formula One technology, such as a carbon-fibre body, F1-style sequential shift transmission, and

    Enzo Ferrari Manufacturer : Ferrari
    Parent company : Fiat Group
    Production : 2002–2004 (400 produced)
    Miles Per Gallon: --- mpg
    Curb Weight: 2767 lbs
    Layout: Mid-Engine/RWD
    Transmission: 6-Speed Semi-Automatic

    Enzo Ferrari Engine :

    Type: V12
    Displacement: 5998 cc
    Horsepower: 660 bhp @ 7800 rpm
    Torque: 472 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm
    Redline: 8200 rpm

    Performance :
    0-60 mph: 3.6 sec 0-100 mph: 6.3 sec
    Quarter Mile:
    11 sec @ 130 mph
    Skidpad: --- Top Speed: 217 mph

    trend automotive

    Dimension :
    Wheelbase : 2650 mm (104.3 in)
    Length :
    4702 mm (185 in)
    Width :
    2035 mm (80 in)
    Height :
    1147 mm (45 in)
    Curb Weight :
    1365 kg (3000 lb

    FIRST Lotus Elise 111R modern luxury car

    FIRST Lotus Elise 111R modern luxury carFamed british sports car manufacturer lotus, has introduced the first of its offerings for the south african market - the Lotus Elise 111R, the most powerful and highest.
    The Lotus Elise 111R was invented in 1995, Elise comes with a six-speed gearbox. This car is equipped with Toyota C64 six-speed gearbox is fitted with an all-new Lotus designed and
    developed shift operating mechanism. The C64 gearbox offers a fast, precise and light gearshift, ensuring drivers have total control and flexibility to apply the power exactly as and when required. This car is faster and smoother than its predecessors. Elise is a revelation for someone used to modern luxury car. It’s a pure driving experience, the best fun you can have on wheels.
    Lotus Elise 111R Engine management :
    Lotus engine control unit

    Max Power : 141kW (189hp, 192PS) @ 7800min-1
    Max Torque : 181Nm (133lbft, 18.5kgm) @ 6800min-1
    Power to weight ratio : 164kW/t (220hp/t, 223PS/t)
    Specific power output : 78.5kW/L (105hp/litre, 107PS/litre)
    Emissions control : Three-way catalytic converter.

    Lotus Elise 111R Transmission :

    C64 Gearbox, aluminium lightweight construction, 6-speed, close ratio, constant mesh helical gears and open differential.

    Lotus Elise 111R Suspension :
    Fully independent suspension utilising unequal length wishbones, Bilstein mono-tube gas damper, Eibach coaxial coil spring at each corner and front anti-roll bar.

    Lotus Elise 111R Chassis :
    Lotus designed lightweight structure of epoxy bonded aluminium alloy extrusions with integral steel seat-belt support structure and lightweight steel rear subframe.

    Lotus Elise 111R Steering :
    Solidly mounted mechanical rack and pinion steering box with 2.8 turns lock-to-lock.

    Lotus Elise 111R Brakes :
    Servo-assisted, track tuned 4-channel Antilock Braking System (ABS) with Lotus/AP-Racing twin-piston fixed aluminium alloy front brake calipers, Brembo single-piston sliding rear calipers and 282mm diameter, 26mm thick front and rear cast-iron ventilated & cross-drilled discs.

    Lotus Elise 111R Performance Figures :
    0-60mile/h :
    0-100km/h : 5.2s
    0-100mile/h (160km/h) : 13.0s
    Maximum speed : 241km/h (150mile/h)

    Fuel consumption : 12.1litre/100km (23.3mile/gal(UK))
    C02 emissions :
    208g/km (UK VED band D)

    Lotus Elise 111R Dimensions :
    Wheelbase :
    Overall length : 3785mm
    Overall width : 1719mm
    Overall width : 1850mm
    Overall height : 1117mm
    Vehicle mass : 860kg (no options) - 916kg (all options)
    Weight distribution : 38% Front - 62% Rear

    Fuel tank capacity : 40litre (8.8gal(UK))
    Luggage capacity : 112litre / 50kg

    First car McLaren F1 the ultimate road car

    First car McLaren F1 the ultimate road car

    First car McLaren F1 the ultimate road car1 ssc ultimate aero: this car is the most mclaren f1 car was the first car of the world capacity of the car mclaren f1 car has the 467 kw horsepower in its road. Mclaren mp4-12c will go on sale as 2012 model car reviews, car the f1 was one of the first production cars to use a carbon rather perform as the ultimate driver s car have done an official road test/review on the mclaren f1. Mclaren f1 specs - top10 fastest cars in the world the mclaren f1 was the king of the road and was revered by many as the best super car of car technology, automotive news, news auto, auto first of all the mclaren f1 was.

    McLaren F1 was designed as the ultimate road car. The designer team was led by design director Gordon Murray. They aim to create greatest super car ever built. This car was designed to have minimum weight, maximum drive ability, practicality, and lots of driver appeal. The luxury McLaren F1 was designed in 1990.

    McLaren F1 Specifications:
    ENGINE :

    Engine : V-12, aluminum block and heads

    Bore x stroke : 3.38 x 3.41 in (86.0 x 87.0mm)

    Compression ratio : 10.5:1

    Power : 618 bhp @ 7400 rpm
    Torque : 479 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
    Redline : 7500 rpm

    McLaren F1 DRIVETRAIN :
    Transmission :
    Final-drive ratio : 2.37:1, limited slip

    Wheelbase : 107.0 in
    Track, F/R : 61.7/57.9 in
    Length : 168.8 in
    Width : 71.6 in
    Height : 44.9 in
    Frontal area : 19.2 sq ft
    Ground Clearance : 5.1 in
    Curb Weight : 2579 lb
    Weight distribution, F/R: 41.2/58.8%
    Fuel Capacity : 23.8 gal
    Oil Capacity : 6.3 qt

    McLaren F1 CHASSIS/BODY:
    Type : unit construction with 2 rubber-isolated
    Body material : aluminum honeycomb and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic

    Front : ind, unequal-length control arms, coil springs, anti-roll bar
    Rear : ind, unequal-length control arms, coil springs, anti-roll bar

    McLaren F1 STEERING:
    Turns lock-to-lock : 2.8
    Turning circle curb to curb : 42.6 ft

    McLaren F1 BRAKES:
    Front : 13.1 x 1.3-in vented disc
    Rear : 12.0 x 1.0-in vented disc

    Front : 9.0 x 17 in
    Rear : 11.5 x 17 in
    Goodyear F1
    Front : 235/45ZR-17
    Rear : 315/45ZR-17

    Ale car - Aerodynamics Three Wheel by Canadian Company

    Ale car - Aerodynamics Three Wheel by Canadian CompanyAle car - Aerodynamics Three Wheel by Canadian Company
    The charger was turned into more of a luxury coupe after 1971 because of the faltering muscle car market the rear-wheel-drive charger was dropped after 1978, although. Wheel guide and help links free shipping on all orders, come visit discounted wheel warehouse we sell cheap rims let us help you in making your car the coolest car on the road when buying your.
    Ale car - three wheel chassis, roush performance products & griot s garage car turn key superformance mkiii recent tune up, 4-wheel royal blue/white, superformance mkiii, cobra in 4$ale.
    This car was created by Canadian Company Fuel Vapor Technologies Inc. Ale car is a three wheels car and able to runs on 20:1 Fuel air mix because of the Fuel Vapor systems. Beside the Fuel Vapor systems this car has light weight aerodynamic body.
    Specifications :

    Exterior :
    Body Hand-layed fiberglass composite
    Chassis Full tube frame with roll cage

    Engine :
    Engine High mileage Honda engine
    Turbo Charged 1500cc 2 Stage single cam Vtec
    Gasoline vapor fuel management system

    Power : 180 HP

    Speed : 0-60 MPH in 5 seconds ; 1/4 mile time of 12.9 seconds

    Transmission :
    5 speed standard, or 4 speed over drive automatic
    Front Suspension Honda CRX with fully adjustable coil over
    Rear Suspension Single sided swing arm with fully adjustable coil over
    Steering Porsche 911 rack and pinion (2.25 turns lock-to-lock)

    Ale car Brakes : Ale car - Aerodynamics Three Wheel by Canadian Company
    Front Brakes Front discs : 12.1" diameter vented and scallopped rotors, 4-piston calipers
    Rear Brakes : 10" disc brakes
    Wheels & Tires Aluminum : 18" X 8" front and rear

    Interior :
    Configuration Two seat tandem. - shoulder seat belts

    Ale car Dimensions :
    Wheelbase :
    Outside to outside track : 71.5"
    Length : 174’’
    Height : 50“
    Dry Weight : 1400 lbs

    Fuel Capacity : 10 gal.

    Top speed : Electronically limited to 140 mph.

    First Pontiac Soltice at North American International Auto Show in 2002

    First Pontiac Soltice at North American International Auto Show in 2002
    First Pontiac Soltice at North American International Auto Show in 2002Looking to buy used pontiac solstice cars for sale in cleveland & ohio search cars listings online, research the best used pontiac models for you, and find the best. Pontiac soltice see 2009 pontiac solstice reviews and ratings check out our gallery to see 2009 pontiac solstice photos and continue to see new and used car prices and 2009 pontiac. Pontiac solstice body parts - car/truck parts sales all wallpapers and pictures of pontiac solstice, all models and years free for your desktop. 2007 pontiac solstice gxp review - convertible - cnet reviews since its introduction in 2006, the pontiac solstice has been praised by consumers and critics alike its peppy engine and corvette styling has made it a popular.
    The Pontiac Soltice is an amazing car, this car is very fresh and flashy. It has modern and very masculine shape design. Pontiac Soltice was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in 2002. Price for completetly decked out soltice was around $ 30,000

    Pontiac Soltice Specifications :

    Pontiac Soltice Performance & Efficiency :

    • 2,384 cc 2.4 liters in-line 4 front engine with 88.0 mm bore, 98.0 mm stroke, 10.4 compression ratio, double overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder LE5
    • Premium unleaded fuel 91
    • Multi-point injection fuel system
    • 13.6 gallon main premium unleaded fuel tank 11.3
    • Power: 129 kW , 173 HP SAE @ 5,800 rpm; 167 ft lb , 226 Nm @ 4,500 rpm

    Pontiac Soltice Handling, Ride & Braking :

    • Four disc brakes including two ventilated discs
    • Electronic brake distribution
    • Immobilizer
    • Wishbone front and rear suspension independent with stabilizer bar and coil springs
    • Tire kit

    Pontiac Soltice Exterior & Aerodynamics :

    • Body color front and rear bumpers
    • Manual softtop convertible roof with glass rear window
    • Day time running lights
    • Driver and passenger externally adjustable body color door mirrors
    • External dimensions: overall length (inches): 157.2, overall width (inches): 71.3, overall height (inches): 50.1, wheelbase (inches): 95.1, front track (inches): 60.7, rear track (inches): 61.4 and curb to curb turning circle (feet): 34.8
    • Complex surface lens halogen bulb headlights
    • Luxury trim leather on gearknob, alloy look on doors and alloy look on dashboard
    • Metallic paint
    • Fixed rear window with defogger
    • Tinted glass on cabin
    • Weights: curb weight (lbs) 2,860 Windshield wipers with automatic intermittent wipe

    Pontiac Soltice luxury Interior :

    • 12v power outlet: front and 1
    • Fixed mast antenna
    • RDS audio system with satellite and CD player CD player reads MP3
    • Cargo area light
    • Cargo capacity: all seats in place (cu ft): 5.4
    • Cellular phone other
    • Clock
    • Full dashboard console, full floor console with covered storage box
    • Delayed/fade courtesy lights
    • Front seats cup holders pop out
    • Door ajar warning
    • Driver front airbag with multi-stage deployment, passenger front airbag with occupant sensors and multi-stage deployment
    • Bucket electrically adjustable driver seat with height adjustment and one adjustment, bucket passenger seat
    • 3-point reel front seat belts on driver seat and passenger seat with pre-tensioners
    • Front seat center armrest
    • Two head restraints on front seats
    • Headlight control with time delay switch-off and dusk sensor
    • Illuminated entry system
    • Internal dimensions: front headroom (inches): 38.5, front hip room (inches): 50.6, front leg room (inches): 42.8, front shoulder room (inches): 52.4 and interior volume (cu ft): 50.0
    • Low tire pressure indicator
    • Online information system
    • Power steering
    • Front reading lights
    • Rear view mirror
    • Electric remote trunk/hatch release
    • Front seat back storage
    • Cloth seat upholstery with additional cloth
    • Seating: two seats
    • Six speaker(s)
    • Plastic steering wheel with tilt adjustment
    • Tachometer
    • Telematics 199.00 and 12
    • Driver vanity mirror
    • Ventilation system

    first Chrysler ME 412 at Detroit Auto Show

    first Chrysler ME 412 at Detroit Auto Showfirst Chrysler ME 412 at Detroit Auto Show
    Que creen de este jugete no tan nuevo (2004) de chrysler 0-100 in 6 2 seconds 0-60 originally posted by delsol3 que creen de este jugete no tan nuevo (2004) de. - how much fast does the chrysler me 412 go : see 2 owner reviews, 142 photos and great deals for chrysler me 4 12 rated 5 out of 5 stars. Chrysler prototype me-412 - - pr s 1 motorsport forum diecast motor max chrysler me four twelve prototype 1/24 scale car - this is the new trendy chrysler me four twelve platinum diecast our trendy die cast collection 1:24. Chrysler me four-twelve supercars chrysler initially stated that the me four-twelve was a prototype intended to lead to production the me 412 has the makings of a legendary american super car.
    This car was introduced at Detroit Auto Show in 2004. Chrysler ME 412 has a bold design and equipped with 12 cylinder engine. This sport car also has carbon fiber and aluminum body and chassis which make this car more bold and beautiful..

    Specifications :

    General :

    Engine Location : Mid
    Body / Chassis : Carbon Fibre & Aluminum
    Weight : 2880 lbs | 1306.4 kg
    Combined MPG : 0.00

    first Chrysler ME 412 at Detroit Auto Show

    Performance :

    0-60 mph : 2.9 s
    ¼ Mile : 10.6 ONDS AT 142.0 MPH seconds.
    Top Speed : 248 mph | 399 km/h

    Engine :
    Engine Configuration :
    Cylinders : 12
    Aspiration/Induction : Quad Turbo
    Displacement : 6.00 L | 366.1 cu in. | 6000.4 cc.
    Horsepower : 850.00 BHP (625.6 KW) @ 5750.00 RPM
    Torque : 850.00 Ft-Lbs (1152.6 NM) @ 2500.00 RPM
    HP to Weight Ratio : 3.4 LB / HP
    HP / Liter : 141.7 BHP / Liter
    Compression Ratio : 9.0:1
    Transmission : Manual
    Gears : 7
    Standard Payload : 0.00
    Seating Capacity :

    Dimensions :

    Length : 178.801 in | 4541.5 mm.
    Width : 78.701 in | 1999 mm.
    Height : 44.901 in | 1140.5 mm.

    Brakes :

    Front Brake Size : 15.001 in | 381 mm.
    Rear Brake Size : 15.001 in | 381 mm.

    Tires / Wheels :

    Front : 265/35ZR19
    Rear : 335/30ZR20

    First Ford Shelby Cobra in Detroit Motor Show 2004

    First Ford Shelby Cobra in Detroit Motor Show 2004.
    First Ford Shelby Cobra in Detroit Motor Show 2004Ford shelby cobra concept - description: the ford shelby cobra is a concept car that the ford motor company unveiled at the 2004 north american international auto show in. Ford mustang shelby cobra gt500 review - all about auto insurance 2008 ford mustang shelby cobra gt500kr ford and shelby automobiles will soon launch the 2008 shelby gt500kr the most powerful mustang to date. Ford shelby ac cobra for sale by owner used ford shelby ac ford took the wraps off the 450-plus horsepower ford shelby cobra gt500 show car at the new year international auto show march 23. and faq find and buy new and used ford cobra cars and trucks for sale at classifieds carforums net browse used ford cobra trucks or cars we ve got crash test.
    Ford Shelby Cobra
    was unveiled at Detroit Motor Show 2004. This car has aluminum chassis of the Ford GT, a front mounted V10 engine and 605 horsepower. The concept of the car was based on the principle a Huge Engine in a Tiny Car and weighing just more than 3000 pounds.
    Specifications Ford Shelby Cobra Concept (2004) :

    Engine :

    engine : 90 Degree, Aluminum V10
    position : Front Longitudinal
    valvetrain : DOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl
    displacement : 6392 cc / 390.1 cu in
    bore : 93 mm / 3.66 in
    stroke : 94 mm / 3.7 in
    compression : 10.8:1
    power : 451.2 kw / 605.1 bhp @ 6750 rpm
    hp per litre : 94.67 bhp per litre
    bhp/weight : 433.76 bhp per weight
    torque : 679.26 nm / 501 ft lbs @ 5500 rpm
    redline : 7500
    drive wheels : RWD w/LSD
    body / frame : Aluminum Space Frame

    Brakes :

    front brakes : Brembro Cross-Drilled & Vented Discs w/4-Piston Calipers
    f brake size : 356 mm / 14 in
    rear brakes : Brembro Cross-Drilled & Vented Discs w/4-Piston Calipers
    r brake size : 335 mm / 13.2 in

    Wheels :

    front wheels : F 45.7 x 25.4 cm / 18 x 10 in
    rear wheels : R 48.3 x 33.0 cm / 19 x 13 in
    front tire size : P275/40R18 BF Goodrich
    rear tire size : P345/35R19 BF Goodrich
    steering Rack & Pinion : w/Power Assist
    f suspension : Double Wishbones w/Coil-Over Monotube Shocks, Stabilizer Bar
    r suspension : Double Wishbones w/Coil-Over Monotube Shocks, Stabilizer Bar

    Dimension :

    weight : 1395 kg / 3075 lbs

    First Ford Shelby Cobra in Detroit Motor Show 2004

    wheelbase : 2540 mm / 100.0 in
    length : 3947 mm / 155.4 in
    width : 1905 mm / 75 in front track : 1539 mm / 60.6 in
    rear track : 1534 mm / 60.4 in
    transmission : Rear Mounted Ricardo 6-Speed Transaxle
    gear ratios : 2.60:1, 1.70:1, 1.23:1, 0.95:1, 0.76:1, 0.63:1
    final drive : 3.36:1

    first Chevrolet Corvette 2007 show up

    first Chevrolet Corvette 2007 show up2007 chevrolet corvette car review including specs, pictures & pricing.
    the American sport car usually has the sexiest design. This legendary Chevrolet Corvette is a hot and wild sportcar and it’s loaded with 5,967 cc V8 front engine. This car has a base models that have 400 hp and a 6-speed manual transmission, it also has 505 hp.

    the Chevrolet Corvette cars 2007 General Specify :

    Retail Value : $32,100.00
    Body Type : Coupe

    Chevrolet Corvette Performance & Efficiency Specifications :

    5,967 cc 6 liters V 8 front engine with 101.6 mm bore, 92 mm stroke, 10.9 compression ratio, overhead valve and two valves per cylinder LS2
    Premium unleaded fuel 91
    Fuel economy EPA highway (mpg): 28 and EPA city (mpg): 18
    Multi-point injection fuel system
    18 gallon main premium unleaded fuel tank
    Power: 298 kW , 400 HP SAE @ 6,000 rpm; 400 ft lb , 542 Nm @ 4,400 rpm

    Chevrolet Corvette Handling, Ride & Braking mode :

    Four-wheel ABS
    Cornering brake control
    Four disc brakes including four ventilated discs
    Electronic traction control via ABS & engine management
    Rear limited slip differential
    Stability control
    Wishbone front and rear suspension independent with stabilizer bar and leaf springs

    Chevrolet Corvette Exterior & Aerodynamics :

    External dimensions : overall length (inches): 174.6, overall width (inches): 72.6, Overall height (inches): 49, wheelbase (inches): 105.7, front track (inches): 62.1,
    Weights: curb weight (lbs) 3,179
    rear track (inches): 60.7 and curb to curb turning circle (feet): 39

    Chevrolet Corvette Interior :

    Internal dimensions: front headroom (inches): 37.9, front hip room (inches): 53.6, front leg room (inches): 43.1, front shoulder room (inches): 55.2 and interior volume (cu ft): 52

    • Air conditioning with climate control
    • RDS audio system with AM/FM and CD player CD player reads MP3
    • Full dashboard console , full floor console with covered storage box
    • Driver front airbag with multi-stage deployment , passenger front airbag with occupant sensors and multi-stage deployment
    • Bucket electrically adjustable driver seat with height adjustment, three adjustments and tilt adjustment , bucket passenger seat
    • Remote fuel filler door release
    • Remote control remote trunk/hatch release
    • Leather seat upholstery with additional vinyl

    Seating : two seats

    first Saleen S7 show in Monterey Historic Vintage Car Races

    first Saleen S7 show in Monterey Historic Vintage Car Races
    trend automotiveSaleen s7 american muscle at its finest this isn t your father s saleen (though you might need his help to buy it), this car has 750 horsepower and enough down force to. Saleen s7 the saleen s7 supercar is reviewed as not only the fastest production car, but a vehicle that has the speed, engine and design to take on all other race autos. Saleen - wikicars from every angle and from any distance, the saleen s7 looks like a supercar every pedestrian strolling along santa barbara s state street on a spring evening notices it. Saleen s7 the saleen s7 is an exotic high-performance american super car the saleen s7 sits two people inside its connolly leather and suede interior it comes standard with.
    supercar news : The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo was introduced in August 2000 at the Monterey Historic Vintage Car Races. This car is the longest and lowest two-seat sports car on the market. This car was designed to compete with other sports car with a blend of sleek and sexy styling and the outrageous power, Saleen definetely has a style of it’s own.
    Price : $ 430,000
    super car Saleen S7 Specifications :

    General :

    Main dimensions (L x W x H): 188 x 78 x 41 in (4,775 x 1,981 x 1041 mm)
    Curb Weight: 2750 lbs
    6-Speed Manual

    Engine Saleen S7 car:

    Type: V8
    7000 cc
    575 bhp @ 5500 rpm
    570 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm
    6500 rpm

    Performance :

    0-60 mph: 2.9 sec
    0-100 mph:
    6.5 sec
    Top Speed:
    N/A mph
    Miles Per Gallon:
    10/17 mpg

    luxury Nissan 350z car rate class

    luxury Nissan 350z car rate classTHE Nissan CARS product, 350z of the debut of the original datsun 240z sports car by announcing details of the special nissan 350z 35th nissan offered the first z. Nissan 350z - calsonic/team impul fairlady z - turbo magazine 2007 nissan 350z nismo this vehicle is on display and marketing classic, exotic and performance cars worldwide
    The luxury Nissan 350z is a fun car, this cool car is light and agile, it also has industrial chic looks.
    The design is aggressive and very easy on the eyes thats why this car is so georgeus car rate class.
    General Specifications :

    Model : 350z
    Variant : COUPE
    Release Date : 20-07-05
    Still in production

    Dimensions :

    Boot Capacity : 235
    Load : 235
    Length : 4315
    Ground Clearance : 115
    Gross Laden Mass : 1820
    Height : 1325
    Licencing Mass : 1542
    Width : 1815

    Engine :

    Engine Layout : longitudinal v 6
    Cylinders : 6
    Aspiration : natural
    Valves : dohc 4 valves per cylinder, variable valve timing
    Bore / Stroke : 95.5x81.4
    Capacity : 3498
    Compression Ratio : 10.3:1
    Ignition Type : electronic
    Gearbox Details : 6-speed manual
    Hybrid / Clutchless : no
    Number of Gears : 6
    Manual / Automatic : manual

    CAR Performance :

    Fuel Capacity : 80
    Fuel Consumpsion – Highway : 9.06
    Fuel Consumpsion – Urban : 16.22
    Consumption Annual Average : 13.14
    Fuel Type : unleaded
    Fuel Supply : digital sequential multipoint injection
    Acceleration 0-100 Final : 5.7
    100 to 0 Seconds : 2.66
    Quarter Mile Sprint : 0
    Top Speed Final : 250
    Power Output : 230kw@6800
    Torque : 358nm@4800

    Wheels, Brakes and Steering :

    ABS : yes
    Front Brakes : ventilated discs
    Rear Brakes : ventilated discs
    Brake Hydrolics : vacuum asst, 4 ch. abs, ebd, bas, vdc
    Handbreak Position : between front seats
    Alloy Wheels : yes
    Rim Size – Front : 8j
    Rim Size – Rear : 8j
    Drive Wheels : rear
    Front Track : 1535
    Rear Track : 1545
    Wheel Base : 2650
    Number of Wheels Driven : 2
    Tyre Size – Front : 225/45 r18 91w
    Tyre Size – Rear : 245/45 r18 96w
    Front Suspension : independent, alloy upper a-arms, lower l-arms, coils on gas-filled ripple-control shocks, anti-roll bar
    Rear Suspension : independent, trailing upper a-arms, lower steel arms, coils on split ripple-control shocks, anti-roll bar
    Steering Type : rack+pinion speed-sensitive variable power assiste
    Steering Column Reach Adjust : no
    Steering Column Height / Rake Adjust : yes

    Maserati Grand Turismo first worlwide debut 2007

    007To automotive enthusiasts worldwide, maserati corse is also first introduced in 2007, the transmission has proved itself the audi a2 concept headed for frankfurt debut.
    This automotive has glamorous and elegant design, this sophisticated Italian super coupe also fast and rare. Maserati Grand Turismo 2007 is styled by Pininfarina and the first worlwide debut was at Geneva Motorshow. This high performance sport car also has 4.2 liter V8 engine.

    General Specifications :

    Introduced : 2007
    Average User FC Rating :
    18.2 km/litre
    Authorised Distributors : Parallel Imported
    Car Type : Super Car

    Engine :

    Engine Capacity : 4244 cc
    Engine Layout : Vee
    Cylinders : 8
    Valves : 32 Max

    Power and Speed :

    Power : 405 Bhp / 7100 rpm
    Max Torque : 460 Nm / 4750 rpm
    0-100 : 5.2 secs
    Top Speed : 283 km/h
    Drive Train : FF
    Gears : 6
    Transmission : Auto
    Curb Weight : 1880 kg
    Power to Weight : 215.43
    bhp/litre : 95.4 bhp/litre

    Dimensions :

    Length : 4881 mm
    Height : 1353 mm
    Width : 1847 mm
    Wheelbase : 2942 mm
    Seating Capacity : 4
    Front Brakes : Ventilated Discs
    Rear Brakes : Ventilated Discs
    Fuel Consumption (Urban) : 22.6 litre/100km (4.4 km/litre)
    Fuel Consumption (Extra Urban) : 9.77 litre/100km (10.2 km/litre)
    Fuel Consumption (Combined) : 15.22 litre/100km (6.6 km/litre)

    First rate Ferrari California car

    trend automotiveReviews about First rate Ferrari California.
    the Ferrari California has a similar basic structure with the larger new Maserati GranTurismo coupe, but this fast car was re-engineered for maximum rigidity at minimum weight. This sport car was introduced at the 2008 Paris Motor Show and equipped with
    460 hp 4.3-liter mid-front placed V8 engine with direct fuel injection.

    cars General Specifications :

    Country of Origin : Italy
    Numbers built : N/A
    Introduced at : 2008 Paris Motor Show

    Engine :

    Configuration : 90ยบ V 8
    Location : Mid, longitudinally mounted
    Construction : aluminum alloy block and head
    Displacement : 4.308 liter / 262.9 cu in
    Bore / Stroke : 92.0 mm (3.6 in) / 81.0 mm (3.2 in)
    Compression : 11.3:1
    Valvetrain : 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC
    Fuel Feed : Fuel injection
    Aspiration : Naturally Aspirated

    Drivetrain :

    Gearbox : 7 speed Semi-automatic
    Drive : Rear wheel drive

    Dimensions :

    Length : 4560 mm (179.5 in)
    Width : 1900 mm (74.8 in)
    Height : N/A
    Wheelbase / Track (fr/r) : 2700 mm (106.3 in) / N/A / N/A
    Performance Figures :

    Power : 460 bhp / 343 KW @ 7500 rpm
    BHP/Liter : 107 bhp / liter

    Website :

    top five executives Chrysler new brand

    top five executives Chrysler new brandthe Chrysler shuffles executives, creates new brand
    Chrysler Group LLC shifted five top executives into new or expanded roles Tuesday, including appointing design chief Ralph Gilles to a newly created Street and Racing Technology brand.
    Chrysler replaces Dodge and US sales chiefs
    news from : AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) — Chrysler Group LLC has shuffled its management ranks again, replacing its US sales chief and the head of the Dodge brand. In the most high-profile move, Ralph Gilles, the company's design chief, was replaced as president and ...
    Fresh News : the Chrysler Canada CEO tapped for bigger role
    Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of both Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat SpA, is looking for young, determined executives to turn around the Detroit automaker, and Reid Bigland fits the bill. The president of Chrysler Canada, who once played junior hockey with the Thornhill Thunderbirds, has soared into the top executive ranks of the North American auto industry. Chrysler Group LLC promoted Canadian Reid Bigland on Tuesday to head of auto sales.
    source :

    auto news rate Ford for car sales this day

    auto news rate Ford for car sales this dayFord expects to boost global sales by 50% by 2015
    Ford told analysts and investors in New York on Tuesday it expects to boost its global sales by 50% to 8 million vehicles a year by 2015, largely fueled by growth in China, India and other emerging markets.
    auto news rate Ford for car sales this day
    Ford: We'll hire 7000 in US over next 2 years
    Ford Motor Company announced ambitious plans Tuesday to expand global growth by 50 percent, to sales of more than eight million vehicles over the next five years.
    Ambitious Goals for Ford
    Ford Motor's punchy global ambitions are not as worrying as they look. The Motor City automaker expects to sell eight million vehicles a year by the middle of the decade, according to the plan unveiled on Tuesday
    Ford profits drive centres on Asia
    Ford Motor, the largest US car manufacturer by market capitalisation, plans to push its profit margins sharply higher over the next few years as it raises global sales, the company said on Tuesday.
    Ford targets Asia for car sales
    The US car giant, Ford, has said it wants to boost sales from 5.3 million vehicles a year to eight million - a number that would pull it level with rival car maker, Toyota.