new Evolution of Car

    new Evolution of  Carnew Evolution of Car

    Cars accept appear a actual continued way in the aftermost 100 years or so. They acclimated to be slow-moving, bulky things that weren't a accomplished lot added acceptable than walking, and they were unattainable to best bodies because they were amount prohibitive. Plus, there aloof weren't that abounding of them. Now cars are everywhere, and they accept afflicted so much. They not alone go abundant faster and are abundant added reliable than their predecessors, but they accept appearance that wouldn't accept alike been absurd or dreamt about in the past. Alike simple things that best bodies booty for accepted like windows that accessible and abutting and air conditioning weren't in the aboriginal cars. There were no radios, and there absolutely weren't any aeronautics systems or affection that accustomed your car to 'tell you' back article was amiss or the aperture wasn't bankrupt tightly. The aboriginal cars weren't abundant aloft horse-drawn carriages, and they bankrupt bottomward a lot. Bodies were consistently bribery with them to accumulate them active appropriately and there were no warranties. Continued ambit trips weren't realistic, and there weren't gas stations on every corner, either. Slowly, though, cars started to advance and access added appearance like air conditioning, heating, and windows that could be formed up and bottomward - which were eventually replaced with ability windows in best cartage of today.

    Radios and things like them came later, and the aboriginal were AM/FM only. Eight-track tapes, cassettes, and CDs came forth eventually, as did aeronautics systems, analytic checks, and actuality able to bung your iPod into your car and comedy the music that's on it through the stereo. Whether these things are absolutely bare is debatable, of course, but that doesn't beggarly that they aren't capital or that they don't enhance the acquaintance of travelling. Now that there are acceptable warranties on cars and they are actual reliable, bodies can booty continued trips after actuality so anxious about them breaking down. There are consistently places to ammunition up and get a snack, and there are auto clubs that you can alarm if a tyre goes collapsed or the agent gives up - or if you run out of fuel. It's annihilation like active a car 100, 50, or alike 25 years ago, and it makes one admiration what kinds of options are activity to be apparent on cars in the future. Undoubtedly there will be abounding added changes and appearance to come.

    Historycal of Ferrari sport car

    Historycal of Ferrari sport car
    Historycal of Ferrari sport car
    History of Ferrari car

    Ferrari S.p.A. is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1928 as Scuderia Ferrari, the company sponsored drivers and manufactured race cars before moving into production of street-legal vehicles in 1947 as Ferrari S.p.A.. Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula One, where it has enjoyed great success.
    Type Subsidiary
    Founded 1947
    Founder(s) Enzo Ferrari
    Headquarters Maranello, Italy
    Key people Luca di Montezemolo, (Chairman)
    Piero Ferrari, (Vice-President)
    Amedeo Felisa, (CEO)
    Giancarlo Coppa , (CFO)
    Industry Automotive
    Products Sports cars
    Revenue 1,921 million (2008)[1]
    Employees 2,926 (2007)[2]
    Parent Fiat S.p.A.


    The company's loftiest efforts have been in the supercar market. The 1962 250 GTO may be considered the first in the line of Ferrari supercars, which extends to the recent Enzo Ferrari and FXX models.

    Concept cars and specials

    Ferrari has produced a number of concept cars, such as the Ferrari Mythos. While some of these were quite radical (such as the Ferrari Modulo and never intended for production, others such as the Ferrari Mythos have shown styling elements which were later incopoprated into production models.

    The most recent concept car to be produced by Ferrari themselves was the 2005 Ferrari Ascari.

    A number of one-off special versions of Ferrari road cars have also been produced, some of which have been commissioned by wealthy owners.

    Ferrari Enzo On Top Gear - Click here for the most popular videos

    Fresh Photos of New Chrysler 200 Sporting Brand's New Grille

    trend automotive
    Now that Chrysler Group has announced its new European Jeep lineup and revealed the next-gen Dodge Durango and Charger, the most important cars to expect soon are the 200 and 300 sedans. Chrysler has put out some new photos of its redesigned and renamed Sebring replacement, and we finally get a better look at the car's nose plus a peek at the leather interior with contrasting stitching.

    trend automotiveYou already know the car will get a the 2.4-liter I4 World Gas Engine and the new Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 with 283 horsepower. For the rest of all the released info, head over to our previous post. Right now we're here to check out the latest teasers from Chrysler.

    With a full, if dim, view of the front end, it looks like the new Chrysler grille will get some styling cues from -wait for the shocker- Hyundai's latest proposals. Hopefully we'll be getting some proper pictures soon that will put any fears to rest.

    Remember, this is just meant to be a stop-gap solution using the 200C concept's style on an old Sebring chassis; the next all-new 200 should be significantly less Sebring and more its own model in-line dimensionally with the concept it's based on.

    By Phil Alex


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    Malignant Rumors: Jaguar Considering 2,000 Units a Year of Turbine-Powered C-X75 Halo Car

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    As Porsche begins development on the hybrid 918 Spyder, Jaguar is reportedly taking the idea of a limited-run production version of its Paris Motor Show C-X75 concept into consideration. Autoweek reports that the British luxury marque is discussing the possibility of building up to 2,000 units annually of its XJ220 successor. If you're thinking about getting the checkbook out anytime soon, though, hold it right there.

    trend automotiveFirst, due to production methods and costs, a firm number has to be decided on in regards to the C-X75's volume. Then, over the next five to seven years, Jaguar will try to prove its futuristic micro gas turbines - which are actually cheaper to develop than an internal combustion engine - are feasible for a consumer vehicle.

    Tony Harper, head of advanced powertrain development for Jaguar, says, "We're talking two to three years for implementation of the gas-turbine technology, then another three to four years to integrate into a vehicle."

    Should this timeline be believed and the bookkeepers give Jag a green light, we could begin seeing mules of the futuristic turbine-powered supercar as early as 2012 or 2013. Don't worry; by 2017 the Matt Beaven-penned C-X75 should still be looking fresh.

    By Phil Alex

    Source: Autoweek


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    New Fiesta to Take Center Stage at Ford's SEMA Show Booth with 350HP Turbo Concept and Tuner Project Cars

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    Hot on the heels of the Euro-designed subcompact's U.S. market launch, Ford is planning to bring a gaggle of tuner Fiestas to this year's edition of the SEMA Show, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the first week of November.

    trend automotive"SEMA represents a special opportunity, because we can show off unique designs that other companies have created," said Sam De La Garza, Fiesta brand manager. "It's not just Ford coming to the table. It's other companies interpreting what Fiesta is, and bringing their own style to the Fiesta launch."

    Aside from the independent tuner project vehicles that you can read more about below, Ford's in-house Racing Performance Parts division will display a concept Fiesta fitted with a production-based 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged engine, enlarged to 2.3 liters to pump out 350 horsepower.

    "The goal of our 350-horsepower Fiesta is really twofold – first to reinforce Fiesta's fun-to-drive nature with an extreme version that captures the attention of the influential enthusiast, and second, to introduce the Ford Racing/EcoBoost connection in a way that's unexpected and outrageous," said Mickey Matus, Ford Racing Performance group marketing manager.

    The sported-up Fiesta will also get Brembo brakes, Ohlins dual-flow valve dampers, a short-throw shifter, a Ford Racing exhaust system, and 17-inch cast-aluminum alloy wheels.

    Ford said the concept model, which will hit the show floor in a blue color, will be painted by an as of yet unnamed artist during the show with the intention of auctioning the car in the near future to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF).

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    _____________PRESS RELEASE: SEMA SHOW FORD FIESTAS_____________

    trend automotive2011 Ford Fiesta by Ford Vehicle Personalization

    The Ford Vehicle Personalization Fiesta uses green accent colors on the wheels and grille to set off the unique car, which is equipped with a four-piece body kit. A new interior package debuts, featuring white-and-black seating surfaces, door trim inserts, steering wheel and interior components. It also comes with a newly developed side graphic – an evolution of the tattoo graphic that is currently available.

    trend automotive2011 Ford Fiesta by Universal Technical Institute

    This unique Fiesta from Universal Technical Institute offers a custom DuPont paint job and an Air Lift full digital suspension. A custom roll cage and Status racing seats make it track-ready, while Baer brakes and 18-inch wheels and tires provide upgraded performance.

    trend automotive2011 Ford Fiesta by 3dCarbon

    3dCarbon's Euro Series Fiesta makes a bold statement with race-inspired styling, which includes 3dCarbon racing stripes, window films and rear roof spoiler. A four-piece body kit consists of an aggressively sculpted front air dam, aerodynamic side skirts and a rear lower skirt accented with black trim.

    trend automotive2011 Ford Fiesta by L&G Enterprises

    L&G Enterprises has created the digital Fiesta, which shows off circuit board-inspired graphics on the exterior. Complete with a lowered and more aggressive stance, the Fiesta also has a new exhaust and air intake. Inside are carbon fiber accents, highlighting a sleek black interior with integrated iPad command center.

    trend automotive2011 Ford Fiesta by H&R Springs

    This Fiesta by H&R Springs makes a style statement and demonstrates the versatility of Fiesta with several interior and exterior modifications. A color-matched body kit and large rear wing, along with European hood vents offer style and functional benefits. A graphics wrap around the car shows off a high-tech look, playing on the nature of Fiesta.

    trend automotive2011 Ford Fiesta by Steeda Autosports

    Steeda Autosports is putting a Fiesta on display that has serious handling and performance upgrades for enthusiasts. A short-throw shifter and cold air intake developed by Steeda up the performance level. Additionally, tuned front and rear lowering sport springs, retuned dampers, antiroll bars and a front strut tower brace provide what enthusiasts are looking for in a high-performance car.

    trend automotive2011 Ford Fiesta by FSWerks

    FSWerks is showing its appreciation for the all-new Fiesta with a complete line of high-performance parts. Features on the SEMA vehicle include FSWerks-developed cool flow air intake system and race exhaust, along with stress bars. Other modifications include a body kit, Continental ExtremeContact™ DW tires and Aristo Noble two-piece wheels.