auto news rate Ford for car sales this day

    auto news rate Ford for car sales this dayFord expects to boost global sales by 50% by 2015
    Ford told analysts and investors in New York on Tuesday it expects to boost its global sales by 50% to 8 million vehicles a year by 2015, largely fueled by growth in China, India and other emerging markets.
    auto news rate Ford for car sales this day
    Ford: We'll hire 7000 in US over next 2 years
    Ford Motor Company announced ambitious plans Tuesday to expand global growth by 50 percent, to sales of more than eight million vehicles over the next five years.
    Ambitious Goals for Ford
    Ford Motor's punchy global ambitions are not as worrying as they look. The Motor City automaker expects to sell eight million vehicles a year by the middle of the decade, according to the plan unveiled on Tuesday
    Ford profits drive centres on Asia
    Ford Motor, the largest US car manufacturer by market capitalisation, plans to push its profit margins sharply higher over the next few years as it raises global sales, the company said on Tuesday.
    Ford targets Asia for car sales
    The US car giant, Ford, has said it wants to boost sales from 5.3 million vehicles a year to eight million - a number that would pull it level with rival car maker, Toyota.

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