NEW Corvette C6 - the Fastest SPORTCAR REVIEW

    NEW Corvette C6 -  the Fastest Car REVIEWNEW Corvette C6 - the Fastest Car REVIEW
    NEW Corvette C6 -  the Fastest Car REVIEW
    You may be never hear about Techco. this automotive world activator is one of [the] reliable tuner that the quarters is at Anaheim, California, United State of America. as a tuner like others in uncle Sam country, Techco is famous expert in modify reliable car of the country product which is done in the beginning of this year to LX Chrysler and Ford Mustang. successful with both, Then The tuner produce sedan from chevrolet that is Corvette with better power. new penetration is seen clearly from installing a new supercharger kit 'Reverse-Revolution Twin-Screw for all model of Corvette C6 from 2005 until now. it is not strange if speed adder is able to be installed at every engine model LS2, LS3 or LS7 V8. This supercharger is designed and produced by in one talent team from Techco self. In past, this supercharger model has been applied in Dodge / Chrysler 5.7 litre and 6.1-litre v8s at last year,and then followed by application for Ford Mustang 4.6 litre 3-valve-v8 in february 2009. as Ford and Dodge/Chryslerdesign, the supercharger kit of Techco for corvette is combining among a big sized blower transductor, intercooler skilled system, high volume fuel rail with injector 54 lb / hour.

    The result is reasonable and effectively increasing the car standards energy up to 600 hp with torque in approximately number 535 lb-ft. In test drive, we will also be shocked with two special characters that is more visible from this car. if it is seen from outside, we will conclude if this car is so identical with race nuance. but the unique things if we come into interior, the atmosphere is directly changing. The new cabin space control system as like lights 'dumb mode' when supercharger voice coming up and when the car is forced to run fast. buffer sector itself such as rim is redesigned to be silver colour so that its color will be contrast with light red color from this 2 doors car. front face looks strong visible with elegant headlight of "angel eyes" style with installing square fog light at downside part of its. other, there is no significant change except at rearside with 4 elegant sporty muffler holes. harmonizing with its outside part, correction of inside is more delicious seen with application of black nuance leather
    Specifications :
    Car : Techco Supercharged Corvette
    Basic car : Chevrolet Corvette C6
    Tuner : Techco
    Engine : new Reverse-Revolution Twin-Screw Supercharger kit for all 2005-Current (C6) Corvettes equipped with the LS2, LS3 or LS7 V8s
    Power : 600 Hp
    Torque : 535 lb-ft

    Audi R8 with V10 engine technology

    Audi R8 with V10 engine technology
    When the Audi R8 was aboriginal alien in 2007, abounding assemblage argued a added able motor ability be bare to alleviate the accurate abeyant of the car. Fast-forward a few years, and a appreciably added able R8 is a reality.Audi R8 with V10 engine technology
    The apple of the development of automotive technology will abide to race. For example, fabricated by Audi. The Germany car architect issued the most recent adaptation of the R8 alternation . On the fresh car product, the Audi R8 install with a ten-cylinder engine. Its agent is able to ability up to 525 hp. Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro can ability up to 100 km / hour in 3.9 seconds. This car Figure are impressive, alike to the admeasurement of supercar. While the top acceleration of the Audi R8 V10 can ability 316 km / hour. The ammunition burning of 13.7 liter for 100 km. Such as the V8 agent V10 5.2 FSI Audi installed longitudinally appropriate abaft the cockpit. Mechanical affection is aforementioned as acclimated by R8 LMS, the adaptation of GT antagonism car alternation for 3-class car consumers in Nurbugring circuit, Germany.
    Technically, V10 FSI agent able of up to 525 hp 8,000 rpm lap. The aftereffect is advised to activation the admeasurement torque aiguille 530 Nm at 6,500 rpm. R8 V10 engine-driven position as abutting as to a centermost point of car, the weight administration of 44 percent on the advanced and 56 percent on the back. Audi R8 V10 gives a blow of the chrome-plated barbecue and headlight LED technology. Alike it has a altered rear bonanza diffuser. Another altered is two bankrupt admixture rim19-inch 10-spoke. For tires, This car use the 235/35 advanced tires and 295/30 at the rear tires. All affection of R8 V10 charge be adored at EUR 142,200. Audi R8 was acclimated in the Iron Man cine . Audi R8 will additionally plan at present in the Transformers movie, the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

    Hungaria gren car - Antro Solo

     Hungaria gren car - Antro Solo Hungaria gren car - Antro Solo
    As usual, automotive world is the world of German, America and Japan. At present,the news doesn't come from those nations, but it came from hongaria, a country that has no tradition in automotive side. The concept brought is about ”Green Car”.
    Antro Solo, this future car name works with the mixture of diesel fuel energy, human and electric. not a new phenomenon really, but it offers something interesting enough, that is efficient fuel use, where one gallon of gasolin (1 gallon = 3,785 litre)s can pass through over up to 150 miles.
    Built from carbon fiber, Antro Solo has only 270 kg weight. This little weight makes the use of fuel more efficience and more maximal. if usually hybrid vehicle is less of ability in the speed, Antro Solo can be relied on enough because it can run with speed up to 87 miles per hour or around 140 km/ hour. Hungaria gren car - Antro Solo
    Its roof is installed with sun panel to catch energy and keep it at a battery that can be used to run for about 15-25 km.
    if it run out of energy, reservist energy will be used. that is energy of manpower. under occupant seat is provided pedal to move engine generator. if the occupant feel tired and lazy to push the pedal, this car can still run by using oil fuel or ethanol.

    produced massly in the year 2012, Antro Solo will be sold at the price of around 20.000.

    car Modification Flare in Black - Volkswagon Golf GTI

    car Modification Flare in Black - Volkswagon Golf GTI car Modification Flare in Black - Volkswagon Golf GTI
    Love of art car modifying will become a fascination attractibility that will always give new concepts in modifying of car. This time, I will tell you my concept will hit car modification Volkswagon Golf GTI. This car belongs to elegant car style. It's difficult enough to modify it totally, but with a proportional modification, this car will be seen beautiful beside sporty and sure it doesn't leave elegant look in body kit, I choose lower body with elegant front spoiler with strips. The Front spoiler, I choose it because it give aerodinamics effect maximaly so that makes the Volkswagon to get the maximal speed. For hood, I choose a hood with Trident type . This type is very figure and good to be used by cars that want to change to be a sporty car . For rear body, I also permanently give elegant accent that same as the front body. Its strip body kit model looks really elegant and may be in most of the car that have big body look, strip model will like this even also be seen to be a car that keep elegant nuance .
    This thing can be tried you by yourself.
    Well, to present sporty look, I choose rim 20 inch. This rim is the O.Z. rim Superturrismo. Then, it is painted with black metalic color. By its appearance, this rim also add sporty nuance but also looks elegant because of its strip. The most important to promote sporty look in Volkswagon Golf GTI car that is in spoiler. I choose a tuner spoiler with Borra type . Borra type spoiler is purely gives accent of sporty. Most of modifiers avoid using spoiler in mini SUV like Volkswagon Golf GTI. Perhaps, they assume that the car is a big car and adding a spoiler will decrease its beauty. Perhaps, several type of spoiler installed in car cause ugly appearance, but you can see by yourself my modification concept looks pretty.
    NOTE: if you choose a spoiler for a car of mini suv like Volkswagon Golf GTI, so choose a low spoiler, don't too high because this car is tall car, so when augmenting with a tall spoiler, so the car will not looks pretty.
    besides, I add scoop roof on it with dual stream type. This scoop roof add sporty impression and its beauty. For visual, I choose black with a little flare decoration on both sides. This modification of Volkswagon Golf GTI, I name it "Sporty Flare in Black"