NEW Corvette C6 - the Fastest SPORTCAR REVIEW

    NEW Corvette C6 -  the Fastest Car REVIEWNEW Corvette C6 - the Fastest Car REVIEW
    NEW Corvette C6 -  the Fastest Car REVIEW
    You may be never hear about Techco. this automotive world activator is one of [the] reliable tuner that the quarters is at Anaheim, California, United State of America. as a tuner like others in uncle Sam country, Techco is famous expert in modify reliable car of the country product which is done in the beginning of this year to LX Chrysler and Ford Mustang. successful with both, Then The tuner produce sedan from chevrolet that is Corvette with better power. new penetration is seen clearly from installing a new supercharger kit 'Reverse-Revolution Twin-Screw for all model of Corvette C6 from 2005 until now. it is not strange if speed adder is able to be installed at every engine model LS2, LS3 or LS7 V8. This supercharger is designed and produced by in one talent team from Techco self. In past, this supercharger model has been applied in Dodge / Chrysler 5.7 litre and 6.1-litre v8s at last year,and then followed by application for Ford Mustang 4.6 litre 3-valve-v8 in february 2009. as Ford and Dodge/Chryslerdesign, the supercharger kit of Techco for corvette is combining among a big sized blower transductor, intercooler skilled system, high volume fuel rail with injector 54 lb / hour.

    The result is reasonable and effectively increasing the car standards energy up to 600 hp with torque in approximately number 535 lb-ft. In test drive, we will also be shocked with two special characters that is more visible from this car. if it is seen from outside, we will conclude if this car is so identical with race nuance. but the unique things if we come into interior, the atmosphere is directly changing. The new cabin space control system as like lights 'dumb mode' when supercharger voice coming up and when the car is forced to run fast. buffer sector itself such as rim is redesigned to be silver colour so that its color will be contrast with light red color from this 2 doors car. front face looks strong visible with elegant headlight of "angel eyes" style with installing square fog light at downside part of its. other, there is no significant change except at rearside with 4 elegant sporty muffler holes. harmonizing with its outside part, correction of inside is more delicious seen with application of black nuance leather
    Specifications :
    Car : Techco Supercharged Corvette
    Basic car : Chevrolet Corvette C6
    Tuner : Techco
    Engine : new Reverse-Revolution Twin-Screw Supercharger kit for all 2005-Current (C6) Corvettes equipped with the LS2, LS3 or LS7 V8s
    Power : 600 Hp
    Torque : 535 lb-ft

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