car Modification Flare in Black - Volkswagon Golf GTI

    car Modification Flare in Black - Volkswagon Golf GTI car Modification Flare in Black - Volkswagon Golf GTI
    Love of art car modifying will become a fascination attractibility that will always give new concepts in modifying of car. This time, I will tell you my concept will hit car modification Volkswagon Golf GTI. This car belongs to elegant car style. It's difficult enough to modify it totally, but with a proportional modification, this car will be seen beautiful beside sporty and sure it doesn't leave elegant look in body kit, I choose lower body with elegant front spoiler with strips. The Front spoiler, I choose it because it give aerodinamics effect maximaly so that makes the Volkswagon to get the maximal speed. For hood, I choose a hood with Trident type . This type is very figure and good to be used by cars that want to change to be a sporty car . For rear body, I also permanently give elegant accent that same as the front body. Its strip body kit model looks really elegant and may be in most of the car that have big body look, strip model will like this even also be seen to be a car that keep elegant nuance .
    This thing can be tried you by yourself.
    Well, to present sporty look, I choose rim 20 inch. This rim is the O.Z. rim Superturrismo. Then, it is painted with black metalic color. By its appearance, this rim also add sporty nuance but also looks elegant because of its strip. The most important to promote sporty look in Volkswagon Golf GTI car that is in spoiler. I choose a tuner spoiler with Borra type . Borra type spoiler is purely gives accent of sporty. Most of modifiers avoid using spoiler in mini SUV like Volkswagon Golf GTI. Perhaps, they assume that the car is a big car and adding a spoiler will decrease its beauty. Perhaps, several type of spoiler installed in car cause ugly appearance, but you can see by yourself my modification concept looks pretty.
    NOTE: if you choose a spoiler for a car of mini suv like Volkswagon Golf GTI, so choose a low spoiler, don't too high because this car is tall car, so when augmenting with a tall spoiler, so the car will not looks pretty.
    besides, I add scoop roof on it with dual stream type. This scoop roof add sporty impression and its beauty. For visual, I choose black with a little flare decoration on both sides. This modification of Volkswagon Golf GTI, I name it "Sporty Flare in Black"

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