Hungaria gren car - Antro Solo

     Hungaria gren car - Antro Solo Hungaria gren car - Antro Solo
    As usual, automotive world is the world of German, America and Japan. At present,the news doesn't come from those nations, but it came from hongaria, a country that has no tradition in automotive side. The concept brought is about ”Green Car”.
    Antro Solo, this future car name works with the mixture of diesel fuel energy, human and electric. not a new phenomenon really, but it offers something interesting enough, that is efficient fuel use, where one gallon of gasolin (1 gallon = 3,785 litre)s can pass through over up to 150 miles.
    Built from carbon fiber, Antro Solo has only 270 kg weight. This little weight makes the use of fuel more efficience and more maximal. if usually hybrid vehicle is less of ability in the speed, Antro Solo can be relied on enough because it can run with speed up to 87 miles per hour or around 140 km/ hour. Hungaria gren car - Antro Solo
    Its roof is installed with sun panel to catch energy and keep it at a battery that can be used to run for about 15-25 km.
    if it run out of energy, reservist energy will be used. that is energy of manpower. under occupant seat is provided pedal to move engine generator. if the occupant feel tired and lazy to push the pedal, this car can still run by using oil fuel or ethanol.

    produced massly in the year 2012, Antro Solo will be sold at the price of around 20.000.

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