Loremo LS German slim cars

    Loremo LS German slim carsLoremo LS German slim cars

    Loremo Has Slim lines and no unnecessary ballast distinguishes the Loremo from all other cars. Its superior safety concept, excellent aerodynamic characteristics, revolutionary bodywork, the linear cell structure, and a radically new rear-axle keep it in form. It combines the economy of a compact car with the handling and feelings of a sports car. The Loremo LS – light and simple is a car which awakens emotions and yearns for sinuous roads.
    specify cars : Loremo LS German slim moda
    Engine : 2-cylinder turbodiesel
    Output : 15 kW / 20 hp
    Max. Speed : 160 km/h (99 mph)
    Acceleration : 20 sec. (0-100km/h)
    Transmission : 5-gear manual transmission
    Drive : midship/rear wheel drive
    Fuel Consumption : 1.5 l/100 km (157 mpg US)
    Fuel range : 1,300 km
    Weight : 450 kg
    Drag : Cw=0.20
    Dimensions : 384cm x 136cm x 110cm (l x w x h)
    Price : €11,000
    source : modif-trend.blogspot.com - www.google.com

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