Heated Seat Cushion Wagan IN9738-5 12-Volt

    Heated Seat Cushion-Wagan IN9738-5 12-Volt discount for this month only.
    Heated Seat Cushion Wagan IN9738-5 12-Volt
    make comfort our ride at cold season,
    make and provides warmth and comfort dry feel, perfect for keeping both drivers and passengers comfortable during cold weather driving conditions in the way.
    comfort seat can make our concetration in way more high to make safety drive journey.
    This heated seat cushion is made of durable polyester and provides in-car warmth suitable both for keeping the chill of winter at bay, as well as soothing tired and sore muscles on long drives. It is also extremely easy to use. Powered by DC current, using the included cigarette lighter style power adapter, simply plug into your vehicle's 12-volt outlet via the unit's 4.3-foot power cord and use the convenient high/low/off switch to control the heat setting according to your preference.*
    Comfortable yet durable Polyester design with convenient DC powered heat.
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