F1 NEW GENERATION in 2010 has Totally Change

    F1 NEW GENERATION in 2010 has Totally ChangeF1 NEW GENERATION in 2010 has Totally Change
    For economizing reason and for increasing competition violent delivers among all teams, FIA as highest motorsport federation in the world launches new regulation for race in next season of F1 2010. in the beginning race season 2010 there are no F1 racer entering pit-stop for fuel filling. So they enter pit just for change tyre or repair. because of this new regulation, rule of about minimum heavy limit of car is even also added for 15kg to be 620kg. this regulation is apparently simple and really ever done in past 1994, but with engine that is decried up to 2400 cc from 3000 cc and configuration V from 10 to be 8 now must economical without filling fuel up to around 300km (average every series go through 300km). of course it needs cost not little by each team to redesign their car. in other side, change by change in every year is so much, include this year that applying KERS as new design and unfortunately, it was cancelled to be used because assumed, it will load more vehicle weight.

    see following f1 engine facts:
    - every litre can only go through for average 1.5 km (75 litre/100 km)
    - every cylinder is limitted for the valve total (max 4 valve)
    - RPM is limitted only until 18,000 rpm
    - engine materials (including inside part) is limitted only from iron and alumunium
    - energy produced must be 700 up to 780 hp (v8 2400 cc)
    - velocity: 0 - 100 km/hour: 1.7 second
    0 - 200 km/hour: 3.8 second
    0 - 300 km/hour: 8.6 second
    - speed maximum recorded Monza, Italian 360 km/hour
    - braking from 100 - 0 km/hour (till stop) only 17 m away
    - the fact is like told above but the technology that is demanded is even also tighter. Engine is decried and limitted but cost estimation and fuel even also depressed. this development is surely not economizing for all teams

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